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Prepare your beauty for spring

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Une peau éclatante au Printemps
Lighten your diet

The temperatures are rising and we are finally seeing new fruits and vegetables at the market. What about taking the opportunity to eat healthier ? Do not starve yourself but rather of use this slimming tips.

Start by enjoying good seasonal fruits and vegetables, locally grown ones are even better.

Do not hesitate to make vegetable juices using an extractor. Limit sugar by replacing it with natural sweeteners: coconut sugar, maple syrup and agave, with a low glycemic index. They are therefore used instead of refined sugar. You can also use honey instead of sugar.

Use spices and condiments to spice up your meals. The choice is abundant :  garlic, cumin, curry but also herbs: basil, coriander.

Gone are the days of simple tasteless boiled vegetables!

Exercice more

In winter, it's hard to motivate yourself to step outside, but there, with the sun reappearing, don't hesitate to get back to sport slowly.

No question of doing six sessions a week the first time but of starting to walk again, cycling again with the family or swimming during your lunch break. Then increase the pace little by little.

If you still don't want to leave your home, there are now a wide variety of mobile applications that allow you to do 30 minutes of sport a day from your living room. Visible result in a month if you are regular.

Not athletic at all? Get off one metro station earlier and walk, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator.

Replace your car with a bike. You will exercise without realizing it. Move 30 minutes a day, that's what counts.

We adapt our beauty rituals

Don't rely only on slimming creams anymore.

We know today that it is the whole: food / sport / care that allows you to lose weight.

Adapt your beauty routine to combine the effects.

Start by scrubbing the skin well in the shower, especially the areas where the orange peel skin is the most stubborn: thighs, buttocks, stomach. You can also use black soap and a Kessa glove.

Massage twice a day with a slimming gel by performing circular movements on the areas concerned. To multiply the effects of slimming active ingredients, firmly pinch the skin between the thumb and the rest of the fingers, working from bottom to top.

Do not hesitate to ask your beautician for advice, who will be able to adapt a protocol according to your needs.

There, for sure you will be beautiful this summer!

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