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Dry skin

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Organic beauty products for dry skin

Do you want to beautify your dry skin? Here are some tips

First of all, how do you recognize that the skin on your face is dry?
The main cause of dry skin is a lack of sebum. Your skin is dry if you often experience a feeling of discomfort or tightness. The dryness of the skin makes it more sensitive, in particular to climatic conditions such as cold, or to overly aggressive skin treatments.

What is the best skincare routine for dry skin?

Dry skin needs softness, water and nourishing lipids to replace sebum. Use a face scrub once a week maximum to eliminate the most superficial layer which will also be the driest and bring radiance.
Organic masks for dry skin are full of nourishing lipids that will promote water retention. Your mask is used once a week after exfoliation.
Help your dry skin on a daily basis by removing make-up morning and evening with gentle and nourishing cleansing products such as the Douceur cleansing milk and lotion. Then apply a suitable organic cream to provide nourishing and moisturizing lipids.

Why choose Clairjoie skincare products to beautify your dry skin?

Clairjoie dry skin beauty products allows you to take care of your dry skin naturally with products full of organic active ingredients. Our formulating laboratory of excellence guarantees you truly natural, quality and French-made beauty products.