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Eye contour treatment, enhance the beauty of your eyes

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In the current context, it is more than ever the moment to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. Be beautiful under your mask at work and in the evening. To do this, wake up and illuminate the beauty of your eyes with Clairjoie eye contour treatment.

What better way to enhance your eyes than to have a radiant eye area? To do this, preserve the youth of your eyes. Indeed, over time, the skin shows signs of fatigue and needs radiance, in particular the eye area which is a very delicate and fragile area of ​​the face. 

Our beauty routine to take care of the eye area

Taking care of your skin is therefore essential and all the more so for the eye area. The skin around the eye is more fragile, more delicate and particularly sensitive, due to its particular finesse. Clairjoie provides you with a wide range of natural and organic products to help fight against the signs of aging and preserve the beauty of your eyes. 

1. Remove the eye area make-up

To erase the signs of fatigue around the eyes, the use of a specific treatment is strongly recommended.

Our tips for a radiant eye area, are a delicate make-up removal morning and evening with the Dual phase eye and lip makeup remover.

2. Apply an eye area treatment

Once the eye area has been removed from all impurities and makeup, apply an eye contour treatment

Soin contour des yeux éclat by Clairjoie

Divines Années® eye contour treatment contains an active of marine origin with prouve anti wrinkle effectThis active immediately smooths the skin around the eye. It also contains :

  • organic argan oil  
  • organic Barbary fig oil
  • an extract of Chorella seaweed
  • buckwheat oil 

Restorative and anti-aging oils, components that reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. This eye contour treatment is composed of natural active ingredients, so the skin assimilates the eye contour and absorbs it easily, for better product effectiveness.


3. Take the time to apply an eye contour mask

Masque contour des yeux éclat by Clairjoie

Extend and strengthen the effect of your daily eye contour treatment, by applying a mask all over the eye contour, once a week. The evening before going to bed. Once your beauty routine is over. Perfect and sublimate your gaze with the application of the gel texture mask around the eyes. Leave for a few moments, enjoy the feeling of cold around the eye.

As soon as you wake up the next day, appreciate the result. Let yourself be seduced by the radiance of your eyes. A younger refreshed look, with reduced puffiness, and without dark circles!

With an application of the gel mask once a week, reinforce the care you bring to your eyes on a daily basis.


Our beauty tips for an even more radiant look

For even more efficiency, the trick is to place the eye contour care in the refrigerator, which will provide decongestant action and will reduce puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.

The cold helps to deflate the eyelids in the morning. The eye contour is applied daily twice a day, morning and evening, to rehydrate this delicate area, for optimal results.

Take a small amount of the product and apply it to clean, dry skin. Simply apply the treatment around the eye, alternating gentle smoothing of the skin and tapping, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

Its creamy texture is fine and penetrates quickly.

Our eye contour care is made from 98% of natural ingredients, including 20% ​​from organic farming that respects the skin. It is used in beauty institutes during treatment by aesthetics professionals.

With this treatment, we can say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles to have a radiant eye area! It helps you fight against the signs of aging and gives your eyes a new radiance!

The blend of spicy and floral notes of this treatment will give you a pleasant moment of relaxation to start the day well and to spend a beautiful night.

To complete this facial treatment, use Divines Annéess® cream. This cream moisturizes and prevents skin aging. Thanks to it, wrinkles are reduced and the skin is regenerated and toned.

Clairjoie eye contour treatments

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