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Beauty tips and blog posts from Clairjoie

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Moisturize your skin to protect it from external aggressions
Published : 2020-12-17 | Categories : Mode

To protect the skin, there is a simple and effective solution: HYDRATION. This daily gesture is very important for the health and protection of your skin.

A trip to Guérande
Published : 2020-09-29 | Categories : Mode

We make you discover our region with the salt marshes of Guérande, close to Clairjoie. Refined and delicate, salt is available as you wish

Eye contour treatment, enhance the beauty of your eyes
Published : 2020-09-09 | Categories : Mode

In the current context, it is more than ever the moment to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. Be beautiful under your mask at work and in the evening.

Beauty is in the garden-chamomile
Published : 2020-08-23 | Categories : Mode

Notice to all those who want an easy life in the garden! Roman Chamomile is a pretty flower that grows easily and doesn't require a green thumb!

Men skincare
Published : 2020-08-01 | Categories : Mode

We often talk about women on the blog. With Father's Day approaching, we thought it would be a nice gift to take care of our gentlemen! Their skin needs attention too ...

Offer a Clairjoie treatment for Valentine's Day
Published : 2020-02-02 | Categories :

Our brand is renowned for its gourmet and escape treatments and offers countless possibilities for gifts for all budgets. So here are some gift ideas ...

Radiant skin in spring
Published : 2016-08-02 | Categories : Mode

With the arrival of Spring we all dream of a beautiful complexion. As the days lengthen, we want to spend less time on the makeup.

Take care of your hair naturally
Published : 2016-04-15 | Categories : Mode

Who says a change of season also means a change of routine for the hair! Because your hair too needs attention. With a few simple gestures, give your hair a boost.

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