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Organic face creams

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Organic day creams and night creams for face care

Clairjoie offers a wide selection of organic face creams. Our moisturizing face creams are natural and adapted to each type of skin to allow you to take care of your beauty every day.

Why add the application of a face cream to your beauty routine?

1- A face cream is the secret to well-hydrated skin

The first reason a day cream is beneficial for you is to hydrate the skin. This is the most important function of this beauty product. The day cream will bring water to the skin and especially the lipids it contains will help retain water in the epidermis. A well and regularly hydrated skin is not only more beautiful, but also more resistant to external aggressions and aging.
You will also have a greater feeling of skin comfort with a skin that is less prone to tightness. You should also know that well-hydrated skin will be less reactive than a dry skin.

2- An organic face cream provides targeted active ingredients for your skin type

In addition to its moisturizing action, the day cream contains beneficial ingredients for your skin to take care of it effectively. These ingredients can be precious plant materials such as butters or oils with real and well-known virtues (shea butter in the Soin Sentinel®  cream for example is softening and protective of skin elasticity). They can also be natural objectified active ingredients, i.e. ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical tests. This is for example the case for the anti-aging active ingredient in the cream for mature skin Divines Années®

1- How to apply your face cream?

A face care cream is applied to a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Take a dab of the product and apply it using gentle circular motions. Your face cream can be applied morning and evening.

4- Why choose a Clairjoie organic face cream?

Are you looking for a local organic brand for the quality of made in France? Our Loire-Atlantique laboratory has been formulating organic cosmetics with excellence since 2005. This great experience allows us to select truly natural and quality active ingredients to provide you with the effective organic face cream adapted to your skin type. Clairjoie organic creams contain at least 95% natural ingredients, including at least 20% of organic ingredients.

With Clairjoie, you also choose organic and committed beauty to take care of yourself while respecting your health and your values. So you have many good reasons to include a Clairjoie face cream in your beauty routine.