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Edible massage oils

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Range of edible body massage oils

Treat yourself to the edible and organic massage oils from the Douceurs exquises ® range. Sweet flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate whet your senses and all appetites! 100% of natural and organic origin, the edible massage oils by Clairjoie can be tasted, eaten, savored ... quite naturally with a lot of greediness.

Keep your skin silky, fragrant and soft.

What is massage oil?

The oil is used for many massages directly on the skin. Being a fatty substance (or not according to desires), it facilitates the massage and provides a feeling of relaxing well-being. The massage oil allows the hands of the masseur to glide more easily over the skin and thus achieve a more fluid and pleasant massage, avoiding burns and abrasions related to the techniques of the different massages. The oils can be used for different purposes depending on the expected result. Depending on the types of oils, they can have enriching properties for the skin.

Our Clairjoie massage oils also have the added bonus of being edible oils! Gourmet flavors for even more memorable massages! 100% of natural origin, edible oils can be eaten without risk to health. Made from organic vegetable oils, they deeply nourish the skin, while maintaining a balance. Our massage oils do not have a greasy texture, they are said to be non-grass. Thus, keep skin hydrated and dry after massage exercise.

How to use edible massage oil?

To use an edible massage oil, nothing could be simpler! Just make yourself comfortable for the massage, ask someone you're comfortable with (we recommend your better half!) to massage you, and let's go!

The masseur takes a little oil in the palm of his hand, then distributes the oil on the parts of the body where the person wishes to be massaged. He then massages with fluid and gentle movements to relax the massaged person, while taking care to maintain a connection with his partner. The advantage of edible oil is that you can taste it! The masseur can therefore accompany his massage with sensual gestures for even more indulgence...