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Skin glow ampoules

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  • Skin glow ampoules

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Skin glow ampoules to reveal the radiance of the complexion 

Specially formulated skin glow ampoules
Clairjoie's skin glow ampoules with organic fruit acids have been specially formulated in our laboratory to offer you a natural product rich in active ingredients. The formula of Clairjoie skin glow ampoules contains an active ingredient objectified by clinical tests to guarantee you even more efficiency to obtain a radiant complexion and to hydrate the skin.

Skin glow ampoules to integrate into your beauty routine
To be luminous at a party or to have a radiant complexion every day, radiance ampoules are your allies. You can use your skin glow ampoules regularly, once or twice a week during your skincare routine for even more radiant complexion results.

The Clairjoie skin glow ampoules and your make-up
Apply skin glow ampoules immediately after thoroughly cleansing your face. Apply one ampule just before your day cream. You can then apply makeup. Using Clairjoie's skin glow ampoules with organic fruit acids is particularly recommended if you want to obtain a nude makeup effect.
This very light makeup that favors tansparency and natural tones requires a perfect complexion to highlight.

The advantage of Clairjoie radiance ampoules
Clairjoie's skin glow ampoules are vegan and made in France