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Beauty is in the garden-chamomile

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Notice to all those who want an easy life in the garden! Roman Chamomile is a pretty flower that grows easily and doesn't require a green thumb! In addition to beautifully blooming your garden, you can use your chamomile for your homemade beauty recipes !

Caractéristiques de la camomille

Roman chamomile is a perennial plant that will beautify your garden year after year. 10 to 30 cm high, it has a bright yellow heart surrounded by very divided white petals. It flowers traditionally from June to October. It should not be confused with the daisy. What sets chamomile apart are its spiculated leaves.

Did you know that almost all of French chamomile is produced in Maine-et-Loire in the town of Chemillé-en-Anjou? This city is nicknamed the capital of medicinal plants. In fact, chamomile is traditionally used as an infusion to relieve certain ailments and promote digestive comfort.

Chamomile is also a pretty plant of organic beauty recognized for its soothing virtues for the skin. Chamomile decoction will be of great help to revive the beauty of the eyes if you have had swollen eyelids from lack of sleep… or heartache.
In general, Roman chamomile can be used as a decoction but also as a macerate in organic olive oil to calm and soften sensitive and / or dehydrated skin

Clairjoie uses organic Roman chamomile in its La Valse des fleurs range for sensitive and / or dehydrated skin. Find all Clairjoie treatments to beautify your sensitive or dehydrated skin here :

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