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Men skincare

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We often talk about women on the blog. With Father's Day approaching, we thought it would be a nice gift to take care of our gentlemen!

Their skin also needs attention and a few little secrets to reveal its beauty. But for our men it is better to find effective and quick treatments to use because they may lack patience.


This daily step for some is an integral part of men's beauty ritual. It can sometimes be unpleasant or even painful. It's about transforming it into a real moment of pleasure!

First, you should never skip the foam or gel step before shaving. These swell the hair which straightens to better appear under the passage of the blade. Also when the hair is well moistened it softer, making the shaving more pleasant.

To do this, moisten the face with warm water before applying the foam or gel. Let the product sit for 1 minute then pass the blade always in the direction of the hair. Rinse well to remove any foam residue, which may cause irritation. Shaving burn can be easily calmed with a balm, lotion or cream.

You can also go for a natural solution using alum stone.

Face care

As with women, it all starts with a good cleansing. In fact, the skin accumulates a lot of impurities during the day or night, due to pollution or the secretion of sebum or even to perspiration. You can therefore use a cleansing gel or a cleansing milk that is gentler on the skin of the face.

Do not also forget to make a scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. It helps prevent hairs from growing back under the skin.

The next step is definitely hydration. Men are often afraid to shine, dislike the feeling of cream on their face; this is the reason why you should opt for a treatment specially designed for them.

You can find formulas according to the type of skin but also 3 in 1 formulas that combine hydration, anti-aging and comfort after shaving. The perfect treatment for these impatient gentlemen!

Body skin care

Men also need to take care of their bodies. It starts in the shower with invigorating formulas with a fresh scent like mint, to give a boost in the morning. Applying a cream to the body is ideal, but since you shouldn't ask too much of these gentlemen, it turns it into an exceptional fact.

So, aren't our men beautiful?

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