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Soin visage la Valse des Fleurs


Moisturizing and soothing Le soin enchanteur® treatment owes its name to the flowers that compose it.

Violet, chamomile, rose and marshmallow will waltz over your skin for a beauty break.

This treatment also contains a plant-based active ingredient of wood sugar with proven effectiveness.




  • Skin types: 

Sensitives and/or dehydrated skin

  • Beauty promise :
  • Hydrate
  • Soothe
  • Calm redness
  • Bring freshness
  • Scents of this treatment:

Light violet flower scent. 

  • Associated products:

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  • Active ingredients:

Actif cosmétique Clairjoie Actif du sucre de boisActif cosmétique Clairjoie Fleur de violetteActif cosmétique Clairjoie fleur de camomilleActif cosmétique Clairjoie fleur de guimauve

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