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Its virtues for the skin

Prickly pears

The Barbary fig (prickly pear) is native to Mexico; it has spread since the 16th century in many hot and dry regions: around the Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia, etc. It is now widely cultivated for its fruits in particular but also for the help it provides in the fight against soil erosion. Barbary fig oil is particularly rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, minerals (copper, magnesium, iron) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (twice as much as argan oil!) which give it unbeatable antioxidant and nourishing properties in cosmetology.

It will therefore be used on all skin types for:

  • its precious firming and moisturizing properties,
  • its undeniable tightening effect on the skin,
  • remarkable anti-wrinkle power.


Products containing organic Barbary fig oil