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Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of a thousand-year-old tree called the argan tree. This tree is only found in southwestern Morocco. Argan oil is well known for its anti-aging and regenerating properties.

The benefits of this honey-colored oil are due to its richness in vitamins. Its vitamin A content gives it its regenerating properties for the skin; while its richness in vitamin E helps the skin to protect itself from external aggressions, in particular UV rays. Argan oil is one of the traditional beauty secrets of Moroccan women. Argan oil is particularly suitable for revitalizing dry skin as well as mature skin. It can also be used on the hair.

The extraction of argan oil is a task traditionally carried out by women. Today, argan oil is an economic resource for the region that produces it. Many women's cooperatives have organized themselves to exploit the argan tree and thus produce a stable income for their members.

The argan oil used in Clairjoie argan-based cosmetics is a beautiful oil of high quality, 100% natural and organic.

Clairjoie organic beauty products that contain argan oil are :