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Aloe vera, a thousand-year-old treasure

Feuilles d'aloe veraUsed since ancient times for its multiple virtues, this plant from the Asphodelaceae family, native to Africa, continues to illuminate research in cosmetology. It is now commonly found in the South of France. Aloe gel and juice are enclosed in the leaves. They are rich in anthraquinone derivatives, resins and tannins.

Ultra-rich in amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts, its extracts help protect the skin, nourish it and enhance it. We find traces of its use since ancient times!

We note in particular the abundance of vitamins A, C and E, known for their antioxidant properties, real barriers for the epidermis against the formation of free radicals. This is why aloe gel is part of active ingredients commonly used in masks, balms, sun products, healing ointments..

And how not to be ecstatic at the presence of many active antiseptic, antibacterial and other growth factors! The complexion is magnified, the epidermis is velvety and tones ...

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