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Protect your skin from the cold

Winter is hard on the skin because cold, dry air increases skin dryness. Moreover the heated air of the houses increases this loss of hydration of the skin.

The water you drink is also a source of beauty in winter

Drinking enough water is indicated when the skin is stressed by heat but also by cold. Enrich your water with beauty active ingredients from within such as organic green tea rich in antioxidants, or herbal teas that boost the skin radiance.

A gentle beauty routine

To help your skin get through the winter beautifully, choose gentle skincare products right from make-up removal. For example, you can use the Douceur cleansing milk and the lotion. For very dry skin, a good make-up removal option is make-up remover oil.

In winter, the frequency of exfoliations is once a week maximum. Here too the key word is softness. A mask with moisturizing or nourishing properties will be a perfect combination with your scrub.
Taking care of yourself with a scrub and a mask is an excellent cocoon moment that is so badly needed in winter, thus boosting your beauty and your good mood. !

Another tip to help your skin get through the winter well, consider moisturizing it with a organic day cream adapted to your skin type. It may be a good idea to change the cream according to the seasons. Also use a richer cream at night which will allow your skin to rejuvenate. An anhydrous balm composed only of butters and oils such as Organic Shea butter-Argan balm is the ally of mature and/or very dry skin in winter.

The beauty of hands and lips in winter

The skin of the hands is particularly exposed to cold. Use Karydra®, our care for the hands to protect them. Don't forget your lips and use a moisturizing balm. Apply it as often as possible, overflowing on the skin around the lips.

Here you are ready to spend the winter in style!