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"I believe that beauty is a natural harmony.

I defend the idea of ​high quality organic beauty for everyone.

The active ingredients and ingredients contained in my cosmetics are of natural origin and favor plants from organic farming.

Respectful of your health, these ingredients are chosen for their tolerance.

I believe the world is beautiful and can be even more beautiful.

Each of my products is a magnificent stopover that pays homage to the beauty secrets of women around the world.

These products use environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging for an ever more beautiful earth.

Only a good knowledge of the physiology of the skin makes it possible to create organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics of excellence.

My passion for cosmetics and my expertise allow me to select and combine the best organic active ingredients to offer you natural and high-performance cosmetics.

Fatou KEITA Cosmetologist, Founder of Clairjoie® organic cosmetics