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At Clairjoie, our commitment is shaped by the desire to offer you much more than a simple range of organic and natural cosmetics.
Our mission is to offer you sensory escapes and original sweetness with high-quality treatments to allow you to find harmony.

Clairjoie Brand of organic and natural cosmetics from Beauty Institutes

An invitation to travel for the body and peace for the mind

Each Clairjoie product is much more than a skincare product. It is an invitation to a sensory journey, to an olfactory and tactile escapade towards lands of original sweetness.
Each of our treatments carries the essence of a moment of exceptional relaxation and well-being that invites harmony.

Travel is at the heart of our DNA because the founder of Clairjoie, Fatou Keita, has lived in several countries, in Africa, Europe and America. Fatou Keita is passionate about traveling to five continents. The creator of Clairjoie, who is a cosmetologist and doctor, also drew from her experience in care, the knowledge of the importance of the link between body and mind.

Traveling to find yourself better...

Clairjoie's mission is to take your senses on a journey to help you find yourself.
We want more than beauty for you. We wish you harmony.
Our beauty products are natural and organic to give you the peace of knowing that you are taking care of yourself with products that respect your health and the environment. Their exotic or sweet scents and their melting textures transport you into a world of sensory and emotional well-being.

Offering you the efficiency and quality of French manufacturing

Our laboratory, which has been following an ecological and biological approach since its creation in 2005 is located in France, in Loire-Atlantique. It is the cradle of Clairjoie treatments formulated from beauty secrets from five continents. All these years of experience make it a laboratory of excellence.
Thus, all the products presented on the site www.clairjoie.com contain between 97 and 100% ingredients of natural origin. Some of our products are subject to organic certification that is just as demanding as a promise of seriousness to our customers. These products contain at least 10% ingredients from organic farming.

The quality of Clairjoie products is based on compliance with French and European regulations regarding cosmetics and of course, respect for the lives of animals.
By formulating and manufacturing our own products, we have the assurance of offering you effective, quality, authentically natural products, which provide this very pleasant experience with each use. Each product that we make available to you is the result of this constant search for efficiency, sensory softness and harmony with nature. Thanks to a wide face and body range - face creams, scrubs, youth care, body care, Clairjoie is able to meet all your needs.

The promise of wonderfully relaxing breaks with our aesthetic care rituals.

We promise you a wonderfully relaxing break in Clairjoie beauty salons.

Naturalness, effectiveness, authentic softness, emotional well-being are our promises to you. We invite you to experience natural well-being with Clairjoie in your beauty salon. Our brand offers you and your Clairjoie beautician the opportunity to spend a memorable moment in the soothing world of Clairjoie, where each treatment protocol with your beautician is transformed into a truly relaxing break dedicated to your well-being. Take away the wonder of this relaxation and continue its benefits when you take care of your beauty at home with Clairjoie. Find harmony in our world of sensory escapes and original sweetness.

At Clairjoie, natural beauty is our passion, your well-being our mission.

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