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Relax with a massage? Nothing could be easier thanks to edible massage oils for the body. Massage has this ability to awaken senses and desires. It's a real delight for the taste buds as well as for the skin... To spend a pleasant moment all in sensuality, a massage oil is truly the fetish ingredient to get! The little extra of edible massage oil is that it makes these little moments very tasty...

What is a massage oil?

Massage oil is the key ingredient in massages! As the oil is a fatty substance, it facilitates the movements of the massage and the gliding of the hands on the skin. It also plays a role in muscle relaxation thanks to the heat produced in contact with the skin. The massage is fluid and the oil avoids skin-to-skin friction. Using oil brings a feeling of warmth and therefore provides a feeling of restful well-being. Through massage, our body is relaxed and freed from tension.

Vegetable oils are ideal for massage!

Vegetable oils have natural properties that are beneficial to the skin. Some are moisturizing, others nourishing, they can also be regenerating among other benefits. Thus, using an oil for massage has only advantages! Not only is the oil beneficial for the skin, but it also facilitates massage and invites relaxation, allowing the muscles to relax more easily. And when we are relaxed, we enjoy much more.

There are also edible massage oils, we offer them at Clairjoie! Edible massage oils have the advantage of being able to be consumed… Thus, you have free rein for sensual and erotic massages that lets your imagination free. With these delicious oils, there are no limits! All parts of your body can be explored... Choose the sweet fragrance that you will love and push your pleasure even further!

At Clairjoie, we offer three flavors of organic edible massage oil:


How to use edible massage oil?

First of all, we give you some essential tips for use:

Remember to select a fragrance that you both will like (not too strong but very tasty!)

Sit down and make yourself comfortable, whether for the masseur or the person being massaged, in a room at room temperature (neither too hot nor too cold;) for maximum comfort. Make sure that the room is not too bright, favor the diffusion of ambient light to create a relaxing environment. If you wish, you can even transform the room into a real massage place, like an institute. For example, have candles and an aroma diffuser and put on soft, relaxing music. The calm and privacy of this moment must be respected: be careful not to take any electronic object with you so as not to interrupt the massage with calls, message ringtones, etc. It's a moment for you that takes place in a small bubble for even more relaxation.

 Pour the right amount of product (depending on the part of the body, the person's sensitivity... Remember that you have to remove the excess oil if you don't lick it all off!).

 Remember to warm the oil in your hands before applying it, the feeling during application will be more pleasant...

 Perform the massage with fluid movements very gently, making sure to connect with your partner. The advantage of edible oil is that you can accompany the massage with sensual gestures and you can lick the edible oil directly on the body of your half… A real moment of sharing and sensations for two!

Your edible massage oil can be used for different massages, depending on the intensity of the moment you want:

The relaxing massage that awakens the senses

This is a massage that we look forward to and that we would like to have every day when we come home from work!

This massage is used to relax your body and the pressure accumulated during the day. Whether you are very stressed or zen assured, the massage is always welcome! The day tests the bodies and minds, and a moment of relaxation facilitates relaxation and the evacuation of worries... Thus, you are more fit and fit to return to work the next day! This type of massage is carried out gently, you can very well use an edible massage oil which will make the moment tasty. The sweet scents will intoxicate your mind and invite you to relax.

The delicious and sensual massage

This massage is to be shared!

As a couple, you can discover and (re)discover each part of your partner's body, with delicacy, sensuality and delicacy. Relaxing, this massage also has a very positive effect on your mind. It is a real shared pleasure, it develops real self-confidence, a feeling of serenity and absolute happiness.

And for even more sensual and gourmet massages, you can Edible vanilla strawberry chocolate massage oil trio!

Take care of yourself with the virtues of massage

The massage can be done for getting back in shape or as a little pleasure to relax and enhance your skin. Relaxing is very important, and the effects of a good massage can be seen instantly! Our complexion radiates because the body is rid of its tensions!

For a long time, massage has been well known for its beneficial virtues. It relieves everyday ailments, whether physical or psychological.Massage is used as a beauty treatment, relaxation but also as therapy to free the mind from negative and weighing thoughts (work, personal concerns, etc.). Massage has this ability to remove negativity! It relieves the mind and makes you escape during this moment of well-being. The virtues of the massage act for a while, after this moment of relaxation we generally leave on the right foot, relaxed and in better shape than ever!

The very tasty erotic massage

This massage is focused on eroticism and desire.

With edible massage oils, it is very easy to try massage and explore your body to the private parts. Massage, blow, lick, everything is possible with these edible oils. The feeling of pleasure thanks to the heat of the oil and its sweet taste will increase your desires tenfold and your senses will be wide awake for a real moment of pleasure for two.

Which edible massage oil?

At Clairjoie, we offer 3 flavors of edible massage oils.

Edible vanilla massage oil

Vanilla massage oil is composed of active ingredients: sesame oil and a delicious vanilla scent.

These ingredients have their own properties!

Sesame oil has a fluid and slippery texture that promotes massage movements. It is an oil rich in essential fatty acids to our skin. In addition, it is composed of natural antioxidants beneficial against skin aging. In addition, sesame oil regenerates and softens the skin. In addition, it has the particularity of being non-greasy, a real pleasure to apply! This sesame-vanilla blend creates an irresistibly tasty sweet scent that will awaken all appetites...

Vanilla edible oil is made from 100% natural and 98% organic ingredients. And the advantage for this edible oil is that it does not There is therefore no health risk, so you can ingest it (watch out for liver attacks)! Combining softness and escape, vanilla massage oil is a great way to relax while escaping to a paradise island. Its gourmet scent delivers its vanilla notes for a relaxing moment for two.

Edible strawberry massage oil

Strawberry massage oil is composed of active ingredients similar to vanilla oil: sesame oil and a gourmet strawberry scent. The alliance of sesame and strawberry is irresistible: refreshing, invigorating, stimulating... and exciting. Strawberry massage oil also has the advantage of being 100% natural and contains 99.5% ingredients from organic farming.

This edible strawberry oil is perfect for combining softness and sensual pleasure... Introduce yourself to the pleasure of a gourmet massage at home, and enjoy unlimited sweet hugs! An intoxicating scent that makes you spend a little romantic moment together!

Edible chocolate massage oil

The edible chocolate massage oil is composed of active ingredients: sesame oil, rapeseed oil and the gourmet flavor of chocolate... Sesame oil and rapeseed oil have great moisturizing power. They act on the epidermis to nourish and soften your skin. Edible Cocoa Massage Oil is made with natural ingredients.

The scent of cocoa will awaken the taste buds! It is a combination of scents and textures that are good for the mind and the body. This edible massage oil is perfect for all chocolate lovers… A pleasure for the senses, a sweet gift, a tasty moment of relaxation. By delivering its chocolatey notes, this edible oil captivates the mind and provides a feeling of well-being and rest. Hey! yes, chocolate has this particularity of relaxing its consumer, and delivers active ingredients conducive to sleep. Enter this little chocolate cocoon for a unique massage, it's ecstasy!...

F.A.Q. on Clairjoie edible massage oils

What is a massage oil?

Oil is a fatty substance which facilitates and smooths the movements of the hands for massage. The oil is generally very beneficial for the skin because it is often composed of vegetable oils and/or essential oils which nourish the skin and protect it. Massage oil can also be edible and therefore allows you to "taste" all areas of the body: it promises a very gourmet and sensual massage.

How to use edible massage oil?

Using an edible massage oil means spending a privileged moment together and discovering new pleasures. To enjoy an ideal massage, remember to provide an atmosphere conducive to relaxation (ambient temperature, Zen music, ambient light, candles, etc.). Make yourself comfortable then take a small amount of oil and warm it between your hands. With an edible massage oil, you can perform different types of massage such as relaxation massage, sensual massage, erotic massage... They awaken your taste buds for long-lasting sweet pleasure.

Which edible massage oil to choose?

Choose an edible massage oil whose scent/taste inspires you and awakens your senses. Clairjoie offers three scents of organic edible massage oils: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. To each his own ingredient for a sweet sweet escape!

Which massage oil to choose in relation to the needs of your skin?

There is a wide variety of vegetable oils that take care of your skin. In the composition of our edible massage oils, you will find sesame oil and rapeseed oil. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, they regenerate the skin, nourish it and soften it. These oils have beneficial properties that add to your massage a pleasant care for your skin. Other vegetable oils with many virtues can be used such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil or coconut oil. Be careful, these oils are not necessarily edible!

How much massage oil to apply on the body?

According to tastes and desires, we advise you to apply the oil in your hand first to warm it up, hazelnut by hazelnut depending on the parts of the body being massaged. For more indulgence, you can add as many as you want. Edible massage oil has the advantage of not making a mess, the surplus can be eaten!