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How do we develop a new beauty product at Clairjoie?

Elaboration and production of Clairjoie organic cosmetics

Clairjoie organic cosmetics are developed and manufactured in our own laboratory in Loire-Atlantique in the west of France.

How do you decide which new product to create?

It is important for a cosmetics brand to bring its range to life. Some products are timeless, others meet a need for a given time only. Indeed, expectations in terms of beauty products are constantly evolving.
More generally, a wide range makes it possible to meet everyone's beauty needs.

We are lucky at Clairjoie to benefit from the expertise and feedback of Clairjoie beauticians working closely with our consumers. Meeting their expectations is the first criterion for choosing the product to be developed.

The formulation of Clairjoie organic cosmetics.

Biophedra, Clairjoie's laboratory is an organic cosmetics formulation laboratory. Our expertise allows us to develop natural, effective and very pleasant cosmetics to use.

Our cosmetic formulation talents are used for the benefit of Clairjoie and other brands wishing to develop exclusively natural and organic skincare products.

A formulation project is supervised by the laboratory manager who will be responsible for selecting the natural and organic raw materials that will go into the composition of the product. A first theoretical formula is proposed. The tests then begin. You should know that cosmetic formulation is a job that requires a lot, a lot of patience! It takes up to one year from the idea to the fully developed product.

Fatou Keita, the brand's founding cosmetologist likes to recount the very long hours it took her to put developed the brand's first cosmetics. This formulation work is an integral part of the DNA of the Clairjoie brand. This guarantees high quality products.

Today, the creation of one of our products mobilizes at least two people in the laboratory, who make the first physico-chemical (pH, density, etc.) and organoleptic (texture, fragrance, color, like on the photo above taken at Clairjoie).

If one or more tests seem satisfactory, they are put in a heated oven to simulate the aging of the product and ensure that it remains stable on the criteria defined above.

The product is then presented to a larger panel of people working at Clairjoie for an initial organoleptic evaluation.

These sessions are often the subject of heated debates because everyone wants to defend the texture or the flavor they prefer!

Once a formula has been chosen, the product passes regulatory bacteriological and skin tolerance tests; as a reminder, the legislation prohibits the testing of finished products on animals.

The formula is validated, the product is stable and has passed the tests. So it can be manufactured!

And marketing? And the press?

The release of a new product is accompanied by a presentation to our customers via a text written by the marketing department on a proposal from the laboratory to ensure that the claims are well founded.

The product is also previewed to the press via Lune baroque agency which manages our press relations.
Clairjoie beauticians also benefit from a preview of the new product.