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Organic rosehip oil

Organic rosehip oil benefits for your skin

Organic rosehip oil is a very beautiful cosmetic oil obtained by cold pressing the fruits (also called achenes) of the rose Rosa rubiginosa L.

The oil thus obtained has a pretty dark pink color and a pronounced but pleasant smell.

The rose that has become acclimatized in South America, particularly in Argentina and Chile, is native to Europe.

Organic rosehip oil

Organic rosehip oil has been the subject of several studies on its medicinal properties in terms of wound healing.

These properties are due to a high concentration of linoleic (40%) and linolenic (39%) acids as well as carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A).

This oil has cosmetic firming properties due to its action on the dermis.

This is why it is incorporated into anti-aging cosmetics.

It also contains antioxidant vitamin C that promotes collagen synthesis.

Rosehip oil is also recommended for the prevention of stretch marks.

Like all vegetable oils, it is moisturizing because it will allow the skin to better retain water by forming a lipid film on its surface.

For those who make their own cosmetics, be aware that rosehip oil is very sensitive to heat: it quickly goes rancid at high temperatures.

We advise you to avoid heating it by incorporating it at the end of the preparation if it is an emulsion.

You can also use it pure or incorporate it into organic shea butter to make an extra-nourishing and firming balm to prevent stretch marks and sagging skin.

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