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AHA fruits acids in organic cosmetics

Fruit acids are active ingredients widely used in cosmetology due to their multiple exfoliating, moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

Fruit acids, also called alpha hydroxy acids are present in sugar cane and grapes, (glycolic acid), lemon (acid citric acid) and apples (malic acid).

These acids, which are derived from the sugars in fruit, contribute to the taste of fruit.

Fruit acids are very popular in cosmetology first of all for their exfoliating action.

They are used in peels to help eliminate the most superficial cells of the epidermis and thus accelerate cell renewal.

Fruit acids are very effective as exfoliating agents, so it is important to perfectly respect the application times of these peels.

In high concentrations, fruit acids promote the synthesis of collagen in the dermis.

Collagen fibers contribute to the density and firmness of the skin.

In addition to stimulating the supporting cells of the dermis, fruit acids have moisturizing properties that help give a plumped appearance to the skin.

Clairjoie products containing fruit acids are: