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Organic blackurrant : cosmetic properties

Baies de cassis et feuilles de mélisseIt is a small berry that we believe we know well, and yet, behind its simplicity, reveal real treasures of promise for the skin.

It is a small happiness of vitamins and antioxidants (4 times more vitamin C than in orange!) ... unstoppable advantages in cosmetology.

Its seeds, from which a precious oil is extracted, are particularly rich in polyphenols - true free radical traps - which help fight against skin aging.

The plant as a whole (fruits, buds, leaves) is also used, not only for its sweet smell, discreetly tart, but also to help the skin remain firm and supple, thanks to its essential fatty acids and its soothing active ingredients.

The range of organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics Clairjoie offers: